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Every Which Way But Dead (The Hollows Book 3) Review

Every Which Way But Dead by Kim Harrison

Oh after that last book this one just adds to the drama. Rachel Morgan made a deal with a demon in the last book to survive her fight with Ivy’s abusive Master Vampire. And in this book she’s dealing with all the consequences.

First she has to pay up to Big Al (the demon who has been trying to kill her) as she promised to be his familiar but she gets to keep her soul. Instead she gets out of it because of a loophole and also stole Big Al’s previous familiar. So now he’s hell bent on bringing her to the Ever After (the demon dimension). Rachel is now dodging him this whole book, yet when isn’t she dodging him?

Then we got Ivy Tamwood is now technically in charge of all the Vampires while Piscary is in jail, thanks to Rachel. Yet Ivy is in denial as she deals with all the trauma that happened in the last book. Ivy and Rachel aren’t talking about the fact Ivy is now a practicing Vampire again, just not with Rachel. Feelings can get kind of intense with their friendship when Ivy wants both sex and blood from Rachel but Rachel doesn’t want either.

Rachel’s relationship with Nick Sparagmos is falling apart as a result of the last book. And who is there to pick up the pieces? Why my favorite fake british accent, bad boy Vampire- Kisten. He asks out Rachel to try to prove he’s better than Nick. Rachel calls him out saying anyone who’s rich can provide a great date. She puts a sixty dollar cap on their date, betting he can’t show her a good time. After a mess of a date where Kisten pissed off some dangerous people and they could have died, it ends with a very sultry kiss. I’m a huge fan of Kisten, he’s smooth, charming and comes with controlled danger that makes me get the chills.

Rachel then acquires a job from Quen (Trent Kalamack’s bodyguard) to protect him for a business meeting involving Vampires. Now we have our two favorite enemies having to team up for the night. The witty banter between the two is everything you want between two enemies who were childhood friends. A near death experience in the business meeting starts to change their relationship to friends.They even bond over waffles.

I read this series mainly for the men. I’m not sorry for it. Between the sultry Kisten and suave Trent, there is much tension in this series. There is even amazing tension between Rachel and Ivy. Beautiful bisexual Ivy in love with her best friend who is straight. I can relate to Ivy in that way, where you can’t give up the friendship but want so much more. You got Rachel who is a strong female lead with many faults. She might be a powerful Earth Witch that all the Vampires are scared of since she took down their boss, but she can’t pay her bills. She sassy, makes many many mistakes and is terrible with planning. Her life is filled with danger, most of it caused by her which just makes this series so much fun to read. The plot gets deeper and better the more in the series you go.

This book is where I fell in love with both Trent and Kisten. I bet you would fall in love with them just like me. Highly recommend the series especially after this book.


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