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Court of Alexandria

Life is a Video Game

Welcome to the Court of Alexandria! As I learn how to be a Queen in my own Kingdom, I invite you to check out the many aspects (courts) of my life.


I have a Spiritual blog as I share my spiritual journey as I discover who I am. I'm a student with the Modern Mystery School and the tools I've learned there has improved my life drastically. So stay in touch with the blog as I post updates in my life with how quickly those tools changed my life. I offer services to assist and empower people in their own life. I offer Life Activations to Aura Healings in the Phoenix, AZ area. 

Or if you're a book lover like me, check out my Book Review page! Every book I read I'm writing a short review about the book and it's sorted by Supernatural beings as I'm a huge fantasy reader. If you're looking for a fantasy novel about Witches I have a whole category for it! If you have book recommendations for me, send me a message! I'm always looking for a great new story, as I'm rewriting my own story everyday. 



Discover a world of immense healing and empowerment with the Modern Mystery School Teachings and Tools.


Book Reviews

Uncover a new story to immerse yourself in.



Join a community of entertainment through video game Live Streams.

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