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100 Baby Challenge

I never thought I would be here trying the 100 baby challenge made for Sims4. When I was inspired to start a Sims4 streaming series I was hoping to do a different challenge-yet when I posted a poll on Twitter this is what was chosen. I laugh since most of my previous games involve very little kids. So join me in an incredible journey as I try to have 100 babies. 

Want to add your Sim to this world? Have them date someone in the Court House? Click on the button below. In the email please include how to find your uploaded Sim in the Gallery. 

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  • Aging must be turned on for the active household.

  • Sim lifespan must be set to normal.

  • The player may play other households in the same file, but they must make sure the matriarch's household is not aging.

  • Any mods or CC that give the player an unfair advantage over other players are not allowed (e.g. a mod that allows the player to have more than eight Sims in a household).

  • Any cheats that give the player an unfair advantage over other players are not allowed. In the case of a glitch or game crash that corrupts the save file, the player is always allowed to use any means necessary to retrieve what was lost.

  • The challenge ends as soon as the 100th child is born.

  • Any rewards or in-game methods of extending a Sim's lifespan, saving a Sim from death or bringing a Sim back from the dead are not allowed.

  • Dead Sims who turned to ghosts cannot be moved back into the active household.

  • Babies cannot be aged up until the player gets a notification saying that it is their birthday.

  • Toddlers can be aged up when they reach level three in all of their toddler skills.

  • Children and teens can be aged up after they get an A in school.

  • Young adults can be moved out of the house to make room for more children but they cannot be moved back in.

  • When the matriarch becomes an elder and can no longer bear children, her youngest daughter takes over as the next matriarch. The player must keep the predecessor in the household until the heir becomes a young adult.

  • The player cannot make more room in the house faster by killing off underage Sims or letting babies, toddlers or children be taken by social services. Moreover, a child born into the household will not count towards the 100 baby count unless they age up to a young adult.

  • The matriarch cannot join any career track that requires the Sim to leave the lot because she needs to focus on her children. However, teenagers in the household may join a part-time job to help bring extra income.

  • Hiring NPC's is allowed, except caterers which can be used to get the matriarch out of feeding their own children and nannies which can be used to get the matriarch out of taking care of children's needs.

  • The matriarch may not get engaged or married while she is of child-bearing age.

  • The matriarch may not get pregnant by the same donor twice.

  • None of the donors can move into the household or provide any aid in taking care of the children. Using the child support feature in deaderpool's MC Command Center mod is not allowed.

  • While the player can adopt children without penalty, adopted children are negligible towards the baby count.

  • Patch 17 introduced the ability to influence the gender of unborn babies. The matriarch is not allowed to influence the gender of her baby in any way (e.g. eating strawberries and carrots and listening to alternative and pop music).

  • Children's traits and aspirations must be randomized and cannot be picked.

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