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Max Meditation System TM

Mondays @ 7pm MST
on Zoom-Online & In-Person Phoenix, AZ

Why Meditate?

“Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak.” – Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

I personally struggle with a lot of negative self talk, I can be really hard on myself. Once those thoughts started it would spiral out of control. There would be days I would be really down and the world would seem really dark. I struggle with depression/anxiety and meditation is one of the tools I use to try find inner peace and happiness. I can't change all the chaos in the world, all the darkness we see out there but I can at least I change my own life and work to change my thoughts. 

Meditation is like a reset for me, when my life gets overwhelming taking the time to relax my body and empty my mind helps me get through the chaos in this world. In the beginning though I hated meditation. I would sit there trying to focus and get extremely frustrated that nothing was happening. I would do a guided meditation and my friends would have these amazing experiences and I would just come out of them angry. It wasn't until the Modern Mystery School that I was able take some meditation classes and start building what some call meditation muscles. I was taking classes like Sanctuary Meditation, Journeys of the Spirit, and Max Meditation System TM. I started seeing results after the first meditation, things that were dark in the meditation started to lighten up and I could see shapes. Within a year I was able to have these amazing experiences just like my friends were having. With meditation I was able to get clarity on issues I was struggling with or how to manifest what I want in life. I was able to remove masks hiding who I am on the inside with the confidence I gained with meditation. 

In 2018, I became I certified Life Activation Practitioner and I'm now able to lead Max Meditation System TM for people. This meditation system was created by Founder Gudni Gudnason to teach people how to truly meditate. It is a fusion of ancient techniques of Yoga combined with Psychology and Neuro-linguistics. The hour long meditation is composed of five components to help people achieve relaxation and a quiet mind. I'm so excited to offer Max Meditation System TM to everyone online through Zoom. My community and I lead this meditation every week on Mondays 7-8 PM PST.



In-Person seating is limited to 5 people. Register early to claim your spot.

In-person has an energy exchange of $10.



Online class is unlimited. Register in order to receive the Zoom link.

Given the ongoing circumstances of our COVID-19 affected communities, we are offering our online meditation classes on a donation basis.

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