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The Good, The Bad, And The Undead (The Hollows Book 2) Review

The Good, The Bad, And The Undead by Kim Harrison

The trio is back in this book. Cincinnati has a serial killer and they’re going after Ley Line Witches. Rachel Morgan is on the case after she finds out Trent Kalamack might be a suspect. Her partners Ivy Tamwood and Jenks are trying to keep away from the case since tangling with Trent is dangerous and could possibly end in her death.

Rachel in this book is trying to balance her relationship with her human boyfriend Nick Sparagmos and her friendship with Ivy Tamwood, her roommate/Living Vampire, who is after her blood. Nothing like a little blood between friends right? On top of it, Rachel is being sent back to school with this case to investigate the other suspect, the top Ley Line professor.

Rachel is dealing with romance, intense Vampires, homework, murders and even demons.

This book is a great world builder as more characters are introduced and there are some intense emotional scenes. The friendship between Rachel and Ivy is really tested and developed in this book. Ivy struggles with who she is as a Vampire and she sees her friendship as the one good thing she gets to choose in her life. As someone who struggles with who I am, I love her character and the dynamic she brings to the story. It helps that I’m also bisexual like her so it just makes me like her even more.

I also love that Rachel is this badass, sexy witch. She is a little bit reckless which is why I love her friendship with Ivy and Jenks, they balance her out and make her stronger. Who thought a partnership between a Vampire, a Witch and a Pixy would be so amazing?

Enter in, Kisten- a Living Vampire, childhood friend to Ivy, and the right hand man to the Master Vampire of the city. He’s a flirty bad boy. I’m talking leather wearing, motorcycle riding, bad british accent- bad boy. He comes to the church to mess with Ivy, flirt with Rachel and just cause all kinds of trouble. Everyone loves a bad boy.

Add in my favorite businessman- Trent Kalamack and this series becomes a sexy sandwich I just want to devour. He’s blonde and controlling and very,very confident. He reminds me of an older Draco Malfoy. His relationship with Rachel is very much work for me or you’re my enemy and you must die. It flips one side to the next between pages and it makes some incredible tension between the two. He’s one of the reasons I love this series.

Kim Harrison’s world building is very believable, where I could really think it’s possible for these supernatural beings to be walking around living among us. And with these complex characters and set against a mystery every book, I devour these books. I’ve read this series multiple times and even when I reread them I finish a book a night.

The deeper you dive into the series the more you’ll love it. I highly recommend this series as it is my absolute favorite series. You’ll love the world Kim Harrison builds, the characters that come to life, even the villains you’ll love. If you love witches, vampires, anything supernatural you should give this series a try.

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